Sainte-Foy jewelry, by designer Erin Radetich, is inspired by faith, hope, love and the religious artwork and architecture found in the beautiful churches across Europe, such as the Abbey Church of Saint Foy in Conques, France. It’s also a tribute to Erin’s Grandmother Fay, who truly lived a virtuous and faithful life. Foy (another name for Fay) symbolizes faith, something Erin hopes to inspire in everyone who wears each hand-made piece. Sainte-Foy jewelry is meant to adorn and affirm the spirit.

Erin designs using materials such as Gold, Silver, semi-precious stones including Labradorite, Pyrite, Amazonite, Agate, Pearls, and more. Silk tassels, pendants and antique religious medals add an element of time-worn luxury.

If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind style that has sold, or if you have a favorite medal that you would like incorporated into a bracelet or necklace, please use the contact page to discuss designing a commissioned piece.